Friday, April 27, 2012

We saw this specimen of a skunk cabbage poking through the ground last week. The following is quoted from a botanist's webpage ....
Common wisdom is that skunk cabbage is a stinky, ugly trash plant. Wrong. I have read that the smell comes only from the leaves that only unfold after the flowers are done but that the smell's purpose is to attract pollinating insects. Not possible. It is said that you can eat raw skunk cabbage leaves after boiling; other reports indicate that you'd do better to invite an actual skunk into the kitchen because, then, at least the skunk would (possibly) enjoy the process. We continue to work inside erecting a dividing wall for the bathroom. Here is Gary with his Tom Terrific hat on, allowing him to do the best job ever!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Arts Morin Heights is having a group exhibition. Saturday is vernissage day. The theme is Elements which I interpret as Earth, Fire, Water, Air or Wind and Space. I made five tiles and using oil paints proceeded to paint the bisqueware. I didn't have enough time to use slips and mason stain so I opted for this approach.